Contemporary Fireplace Mantels and Concrete Tiles | Paloform
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A fireplace is the natural social and aesthetic focus of a room and occupies a special place in our homes. Long associated with warmth and gathering, the hearth sets the tone for an entire living space. Paloform’s contemporary fireplace surrounds are modern interpretations that convey the traditional aspects of warmth and gathering with refined, rectilinear designs cast in smooth concrete. We offer a range of surrounds, fireplace mantels and cladding tiles that can be used alone or in conjunction with each other to suit a wide range of project types. Our products are designed and made in Canada and ship internationally to Europe and the UK.




  • LINNEA, a set of versatile, minimalist components for the modern fireplace;
  • And FIREPLACE TILES, which may be used on their own or integrated with Linnea to turn simple surrounds into spectacular feature walls.


We aim to provide design professionals, home and business owners with well made, well considered products that can be used to transform fireplaces into compelling, contemporary elements that withstand the test of time. Our aesthetic choices are derived from the qualities of smooth, cast concrete and our design decisions focus on material, purity of form and functional appropriateness.


In creating our concrete fireplace mantels, surrounds and design components, we aim for purity of form and an architectural approach that embraces material honesty and functional appropriateness. Concrete is the focus of our aesthetic – we have pared down each design to allow the subtle tonal variation, solidity and tactility of our concrete to shine through. The simplicity of our designs gives them the flexibility to be easily integrated into a range of project types, while conveying the materialʼs integrity. Our contemporary fireplace products minimally allude to style – but moreover, they are vehicles to harness the creative visions of others. The result is installations that are serene and substantial, capturing a truly unique aesthetic.


Each of our designs is simple, allowing the beautiful tonal variation, tactility and solid presence of concrete to be prominent. The pared down quality of our pieces makes them able to be adapted to a diverse range of schemes whilst allowing the material qualities of concrete to shine. Understated and considered the minimal design of our contemporary fireplace products is intended to allow for interpretation by the creative vision of others resulting in installations that have a serene, substantial feeling and have a unique, clean but ‘organic’ aesthetic.


All of our fireplace surrounds, mantels and tiles are poured to order to meet the particular requirements of each client and space. We will work with you directly to ensure that you have all of the information that you require to use our concrete’s unique qualities to their full potential. Our line of standard pieces and colours offers countless possibilities and we are also happy to provide bespoke design and fabrication services.


If you would like to explore the possibilities provided by our concrete fireplace surrounds, please choose a style: Linnea or Fireplace Tiles.
Also, view our concrete colour range.